Perfume offers intense pleasures to everyone. It has always evoked, hinted at, created atmospheres suspended in time. Nicely diffused in ambiance or gently applied to the skin, it crosses and unfolds its fragrance, giving life to a unique, unrepeatable meeting. Combining your logo with a perfume will create an individual alchemy, expressing an olfactory story outlining its particular aroma and underlining the signature of your brand.

B E S P O K E  L U X U R Y offers a full service of creating and manufacturing your customized scented items. From exclusive Eau de Parfum to scented candles, room diffusers and beauty & body-care products especially designed to your specification in small, medium and large quantities.

Like an architect, we select the best craftsmen at every stage of the design process and coordinate their skills around the creation of a high-quality finished product that perfectly matches your identity.

With production sites in Milano and Grasse, the heart of the Italian and French perfumery, B E S P O K E  L U X U R Y draws on the skills of the main players in the local industry.

B E S P O K E  L U X U R Y declines your fragrance into a complete range: Eau de Parfum, Room-fragrance diffusers and Sprays, Perfumed Candles, Bath & Body-care products and scented cards.