About us

B E S P O K E  L U X U R Y was born from the desire to make perfume accessible to everyone.

The work we have done for over 10 years with companies and brands such as Piet Boon, Designers Guild, Serax, Jody Lo, Eichhotz, Balmuir, Scapa Home, and many more allowed us to acquire a solid control of the whole chain of the creation and production of the perfume, to develop a network of suppliers and interlocutors all specialized in the sector of perfumery, a good knowledge of the market and of its actors.

Today we put our know-how at the service of ready-to-use solutions for the fashion, accessories & concept stores, hotels & spas industry, but even to industrial markets such as car and electronics manufactures, banks and insurance companies to provide them with a turnkey solution, the ultimate signature in olfactory marketing.

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